First ENLIGHT course launched at the University of Bern 

First ENLIGHT course launched at the University of Bern 

The University of Bern is launching its first ENLIGHT course entitled “The Deep History of Food – Putting Sustainability into Context.” The course explores the fundamental role of food production throughout human history and its implications for sustainability.

The course looks at the origins of agriculture, its spread across different societies, and its impact on the environment. Students will examine key concepts such as land use, resilience, and food security in a historical context. It is coordinated by Albert Hafner and Marco Hostettler from the Institute of Archaeological Sciences at the University of Bern, in collaboration with partners from the Universities of the Basque Country, Groningen and Uppsala.

A wealth of opportunities

In addition to our inaugural course, ENLIGHT offers a range of courses and mobility opportunities across Europe. Students can choose from blended or fully online courses to suit different interests and preferences. As you navigate through the ENLIGHT courses, you’ll come across two distinct categories, each tailored to meet different student needs and preferences.

Blended mobility

ENLIGHT’s “Blended intensive courses” (BIP) are designed with both virtual and face-to-face components to provide students with a flexible learning experience. Blended courses offer a unique opportunity for students to take a course both online and face-to-face. For lecturers, organising such an exchange could be a first collaborative venture within ENLIGHT, which could be extended at a later stage. The calls for proposals are currently open.

Online OR face-to-face

The second group of courses are delivered exclusively either virtually or on-site (short term). Online courses work best for students who cannot attend on-site sessions. ENLIGHT offers a wide range of summer and winter schools for students wishing to gain experience of short-term physical mobility.

ENLIGHT courses are particularly suitable for students who, due to other commitments (such as family, work, health, etc.), would not otherwise be able to undertake a regular exchange semester, but who would still like to have an international study experience. For students who do want to study abroad, it is the perfect way to test if they like their destination university and can imagine living there for one to two semesters.

Regular exchange semester

ENLIGHT-courses complement and do not replace regular exchange semesters. Depending on your field of study, you can study at another ENLIGHT university as a regular exchange student.

Find out more

Explore the full list of available ENLIGHT courses and their application requirements. Before applying, make sure you meet all the requirements listed by the host university and consult with your departmental coordinator regarding credit recognition.

ENLIGHT courses open up a world of discovery and knowledge – join us.

Text: Caspar Bienek

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